Cardius® 2 XPO

The Digirad Cardius® 2 XPO SPECT imaging system delivers outstanding image quality and increased patient comfort with a compact, open design.

Cardius® 2XPO Advantage:

  ✓ Effective: Solid-state, flat panel detector technology optimizes results.
  ✓ Compact: Can be used in rooms as small as 7’ x 8’.
  ✓ Patient-centric: Enhanced comfort for obese or claustrophobic patients
  ✓ Flexible: Available in mobile or fixed configuration.
  ✓ Efficient: High quality diagnostic results while optimizing throughput.

The Cardius 2 XPO imaging system is a leap forward over conventional cardiac imaging systems. Its modern dual- head solid-state architecture and cardiocentric imaging combine to deliver faster imaging and higher quality results.

Solid-state technology offers a whole new range of possibilities for innovations in nuclear camera design due to the fact that it is lightweight, rugged and extremely compact. The Cardius 2 XPO system packs state-of-the-art imaging capabilities into a smaller footprint design that is more open than other systems. It’s why Cardius systems are more patient-friendly and enable imaging patients up to 500 lbs.

The upright design makes patient ingress and egress so easy. It also offers a significant clinical advantage as the upright position lowers the diaphragm, providing better separation between the heart and gut, improving both clinical quality and physician confidence.